WP Travel Pro v4.0 came up with the recurring feature for the trip. So, now you can set different recurring dates(years, months, days) for the same trip so that the trip can be shown available for different seasonal dates

Backend Section

Recurring features will be provided under the Fixed Departure section, where you can add a fixed departure date. Also, you can select a pricing option(which will be added under the prices tab).

You can enable or disable the Enable recurring dates‘ option as per your requirement. To find it go to Admin Panel > Trips > Individual Trip(edited ) > Prices and Dates > Dates > Added Date

After enabling recurring dates option, you will find ➦ Recurring every yearRecurring every monthRecurring every date options enabled.

If you want recurring features for the trip every year/month/day, just select the enabled option. As it is shown in the above-given screenshot. 

Also, you can set these recurring features for a specific year/specific month/specific day. Fill those sections with possible dates/months/years as you can see down below.

Further, there is an Enable Time option so that you can activate this option for all available time slots for the trip. You can Enable or Disable this option as per your need.

Also, there is Enable Dates & time exclude option so if you want more specification in the trip, you can set it accordingly.

Frontend Section

If you enable Recurring every yearRecurring every monthRecurring everyday options in the backend section then the recurring dates for the trip will be the dates between starting and end date added in the backend section.

If you select the specific years, months, and days for the recurring features of the trip in the backend section, then only specific recurring dates will be available for the trip.

Also, the time slots available for the trip. Those are added through the backend section will be displayed in the frontend section. So customers can select the time before booking the trip as per their requirement.

Further, the date and time you add in the excluded date and time section will be excluded. And It will not be displayed as available date and time for the trip.

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