WP Travel Here Map

Why WP Travel Here Map? WP Travel Here Map is one of the best map alternatives for Google Maps on WordPress. This module which works in conjunction with WP Travel – the best free tour agency plugin on WordPress, offers a nice blend of mapping and exploration for your travel website. With its easy-to-use navigation… Continue reading WP Travel Here Map

WP Travel Tour Extras

WP Travel Tour Extras is a module included in WP Travel Pro which provides you the ability to add additional services to trip and tour packages. With this WP Travel plugin module , you can add services like flight, vehicle service, insurance or any other customer service option in your site. Additionally, you can also… Continue reading WP Travel Tour Extras

WP Travel Utilities

WP Travel Utilities is a bundle of basic features which enhances the WP Travel plugin. The module basically addresses the minimal but important feature that is not available in the free version of WP Travel plugin. It lets you define your own custom trip code, enable/disable WP Travel “Powered By Branding” text or define your… Continue reading WP Travel Utilities

WP Travel RazorPay Payment Module

WP Travel RazorPay Payment module is specially designed for travel and tour management website to accept international payments from anywhere in the world instantly. Powered by RazorPay, one of the widely-used payment gateways, this module is an ideal solution to receive and process payments through multiple payment channels. By enabling WP Travel RazorPay payment module,… Continue reading WP Travel RazorPay Payment Module

WP Travel Instamojo Payment Module

  The WP Travel Instamojo Payment module is an on-demand payment option now available as a payment gateway for WP Travel plugin. With Instamojo Payment module , you can collect payment for travel and tour packages instantly. This multi-channel payment gateway provides easy payment options for your Indian travel business. If you are a travel site… Continue reading WP Travel Instamojo Payment Module

WP Travel Stripe Checkout

WP Travel Stripe is a payment module included in WP Travel Pro that helps you receive payments on WordPress travel site through Stripe. As one of the largest payment companies in the world, Stripe is a convenient way to accept online payments. It provides better user payment experience on every device including mobile, tablet and… Continue reading WP Travel Stripe Checkout